The Universal Theme

The Universal Theme is a theme and starter template for 11ty static site generator. It's planned to add support for Hugo, Jekyll and other SSG when a version for 11ty will be finished.

Good news! While Universal is still in development, it's quite usable, so check it out.


  • Is blazingly fast. Site with The Universal Theme loads in a moment
  • Includes useful and eye-catching shortcodes. Full-screen bleeds, cards, card grids, in-paragraph blocks will help you in fight for user attention
  • Has example based documentation to help you build your site as fast as possible
  • Has clean UI
  • Has multiple color variations, so you can choose the tone you'll speak to your visitors


Checkout blog for updates.


  • Add missing styles for basic elements (tables, summaries)
  • Add RSS feed
  • Add "All posts" link to the blog index page
  • Add Twitter cards
  • Write example-based documentation
  • Create versions for other static site generators (Hugo, Jekyll)